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The ultimate in Manhandling... emphasis on the MAN.

Welcome to WE DO MEN, a spa designed and tailored for men! Taking the fluff out of the spa experience with old school hands on methods, RA Skincare, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and full comedic content. This is the ultimate in Manhandling... emphasis on the MAN. Where every visit creates "A Seriously Happy Ending."


4375 N. 75th Street, Suite B
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
spa 480-686-8538 • text 661-472-0492


Stacey is amazing. She runs her biz with complete professionalism. I arrived there a new customer thanks to a living social promo she was running. I've only experienced a facial one other time. This experience blows that away. I didn't want it to end. Stacey is very knowledgeable at what she does. She told me she's been in biz for 3 yrs but it felt like 30 years.  She sells products too with a non pressuring feel.  I highly recommend this place to any man looking for some pampering and TLC. Ur the bomb Stacey.

Dan T.

This place has 5 stars for a reason. From Stacey herself to the location. Stacey is pretty rad. You can shoot the shit with her about anything. Never thought I would be one to enjoy a spa but this man spa is legit. Thanks Stacey.

Matt F.

Hey Guys if you want great service and products in a "non foo foo" environment then this is the place for you. The Boss Lady knows what she is doing!

Ethan E.

I just experienced what every man should.  One word – perfection. I was in the mood for a treat-myself time, and started searching.  I don't know how, I don't know why, but here is where I landed.  The website- edgy and cool, and who says "text us" for questions?  A freaking visionary, that's who. I drive down the 30 miles south, walk up the stairs hand hits the door and Bam!  I'm home. Johnny Cash on the wall–and in the air? This is not your mother's spa.

Stacey is cool, real and the comfortable feeling is genuine. I have been hundreds of places to have a little work done, if it was like today- just pure pleasure on a whim, or the Spa at the Grand  Wailea, I have NEVER felt more comfortable or cared for.

Got the What a Prick (perfectly named for me) and a wax. I cannot give enough accolades, I feel like a million bucks, truly a cool experience.

You have to go, and go now!

Tim S.

Ra Skin Care

After the recommendation of my girlfriend I decided to get a facial...something I have never had the pleasure of doing until today, and trust me, I was quite apprehensive about the experience up until about 3 minutes after I walked into the studio and Stacey made me feel like I was at home. She definitely went above and beyond when it came to my treatment. Amazing experience, value, products, knowledge, the works.

Chris B.

Wow.....what a great place. A guy can not feel shy or embarrassed to ask basically anything, nothing is off limits.  Great atmosphere, killer tunes that you get to pick, good company, rock star setting.  I did not feel intimidated like I have at salons where you assume everyone is judging/poking fun at you in the back room, plus it didn't break the bank for everything I had done, I left with a huge boost of self confidence because of the great work she did.  As long as I have skin on my face and hair on my body, I will always be a customer!!

Chris D.

Get Off Your Ass: The Boss Lady Speaks

stacey grondahl

Stacey Grondahl

"The ManHandler"

"I had the idea to create a spa that wasn't boring, but incredibly different in its content.  Throwing the taboos and stereotypes of the industry right back in men's faces.  Making it something new to talk about, with a comedic twist.  After all, laughter is the best medicine.  I wanted to create a new take on ManHandling.  Hence WE DO MEN, and the booze and taboos menu, was born. Enjoy."

Stacey is an Aesthetician, Laser Technician and Retired Massage Therapist. Creator and Mastermind behind WE DO MEN and Ambassador for "ManHandlers" everywhere...


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  • 4375 N. 75th St. Suite B • Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • SPA 480-686-8538 • TEXT 661-472-0492

  • Wednesday-Friday 11am-7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm


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