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The Art Of Manhandling... emphasis on the MAN.
WE DO MEN... Welcome to WE DO MEN®, a spa designed and tailored for men! Taking the fluff out of the spa experience with old school hands-on methods, RAW skincare, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and full comedic content. This is the art of manhandling... emphasis on the MAN. Where every visit creates “A seriously happy ending.” To your day, that is.

4375 N. 75th Street, Suite B
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Call / Text : 480-686-8538

badass dad

Found the Boss Lady on Yelp over a year ago and been going back every month since. No better place in Scottsdale for a facial for men (and a few lucky ladies admitted to this exclusive club).

Dave M.

Stacey rocks! She has created a fun, relaxed environment and will teach you everything about your skin that you need to know.

Treat yourself, your significant other will thank you!

Nathan L.

Gentlemen: this is not your girlfriend's spa. There is no fruu fruu potpourri scents offending your olfactory sense or eclectic muzak playing in the background. It's all leather tobacco and coffee smells with guy music playing in the background. This is the perfect environment to make a guy feel comfortable.

Well what an experience! I was having some issues with my feet and went in for a treatment. Rather than sit for 2.5 hours and nap I opted to get a face treatment in-tow. Being the skeptic about these things I was a tad apprehensive. I was very happy with the result and regret not doing it sooner and more frequently. Stacey is at the top of her profession and I commend her for her skill and professionalism. Already booked my next appointment. Highly recommend.

Jason C.

I found We Do Men online, prior to a trip to Scottsdale (coming from Toronto, ON). I reached out to Stacey (the Boss Lady) several weeks in advance to learn more about her offerings and get some insight into the best options. She was very accommodating and over 2 calls we went through all the treatments, the pros/cons of each, etc. A friend of mine (new to the spa experience) was also interested in a treatment, and Stacey was again able to accommodate us.

What really stood out was the fact that she even altered her schedule to open early so that we could get our treatments together (alternating between massage and facial treatment), and be out of there in time to make a tee time.

That alone should speak volumes about the level of service and passion she has, but the actual treatments themselves were fantastic:

- very laid back, but clean and modern atmosphere
- honest feedback, education about products and best practices
- attention to detail in the treatments

Stacey also has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and it really shows when you talk to her about the different products and treatments, and their actual benefits (with a lot of insight on what products to avoid!).

I would absolutely recommend checking out We Do Men, it was one of the highlights of our trip down to Scottsdale.

Vir S.

Ra Skin Care

Great vibe and atmosphere. It was so relaxing I think I fell asleep but Stacey didn't give me a hard time about it. Totally recommend it for any guy who has the cajones to take care of themselves and feel a little pampered. Looking forward to checking out some of the other services she offers.

Youri L.

I'm a Newbie or Virgin (as Stacey would say). As I've gotten older, it has become more and more apparent that caring for your skin is a must. I didn't want to be like so many men out there that just let it be.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I scheduled my appointment. But Stacey was sure to take care of that! She walked me through each an every product she offers in the Spa (each of which she stands behind) we discussed my goals and concerns and settled on what would be best for ME. I was never forced to purchase anything, nor did she try to up-sell on the visit. This is the only Spa dedicated to Men and with such a niche market Stacey could easily back you into a corner and make you feel as though you must buy everything. However, Stacey's true passion is to Treat & Educate. Trust me, you will decide to purchase these products on your own once you realize the benefits (Fresh Balls) lol

I've already scheduled myself for my follow up. I can't wait to have that relaxed, drunk feeling after a facial. Thanks Boss Lady!

Oscar C.

Get Off Your Ass: the Boss Lady Speaks

stacey grondahl hustle & deal flow

Hustle & Deal Flow, September 2016

stacey grondahl hustle & deal flow

Thrillist, March 2016

american spa magazine september 2016

American Spa Magazine, September 2016

american spa magazine september 2016

American Spa Magazine, August 2014

We Do Men, by San Social Group

stacey grondahl

Stacey Grondahl

BOSS LADY, AKA "The ManHandler"

I had the idea to create a spa that wasn't boring, but incredibly different in its content.  Throwing the taboos and stereotypes of the industry right back in men's faces.  Making it something new to talk about, with a comedic twist.  After all, laughter is the best medicine.  I wanted to create a new take on MEN, and the spa biz. I call what I do "The Art of Manhandling".  Therefore WE DO MEN, and the booze, tunes and taboos menu was born. Cheers!


Stacey is an Aesthetician, Laser Technician and Retired Massage Therapist. Creator and Mastermind behind WE DO MEN and Ambassador for "ManHandlers" everywhere...





  • 4375 N. 75th St. Suite B • Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • CALL / TEXT : 480-686-8538

  • Wednesday-Friday : 11am-7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday : 11am-3pm


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